lørdag 3. januar 2015

Museo de arte contemporanea en Quito

Yesterday Susana, Pamela, Tori and I went to the museum, while the boys went to the pool with Ricardo and Mateo.

Installation with living ants in the glass monters, moving back and forth on the white strips bringing with them pieces of leaves that they hav carved out. Fast little buggers that were hard to get in focus. 

The museum is in the old, renovated Military Hospital of Quito. 

The hospital was built in early 20th century, consisting of separate pavillions, maybe inspired by the miasma theories like our hospital Ullevål in Oslo. La Basilica in the background.
Great pictures by Noboa from Guayaquil, Ecuador's biggest city, on the coast.

What's missing?

He leaves either a tennis court or a ping pong table in every painting, can you spot it?

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