fredag 2. januar 2015

Las plazas

On the day of New Year's eve we first went to Plaza Sur, one of the islands with remaining land iguanas. They and the sea iguanas live so close that they occasionally interbreed. But the offspring is sterile, like the mule. After Plaza we anchored up in the stretch between Santa Cruz and Baltra, where we did some amazing snorkeling. The water crystal clear and a lot to see: Colourful aquarium fish, two sharks and a sea turtle.

This is before they all got soaking wet

I look my best from this side

Blue-footed Boobie, the subject of many souvenir T-shirts trying to make a humorous point of its name, as you can imagine. The most common: "I love boobies".

Plaza Norte seen from Plaza Sur.

Love on the rocks

Me and you.

Next year's alpha male.

Dreaming of seaweed.

The bay where we snorkelled. The sharks and the sea turtle we found at the coast to the left.

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  1. Fantastiske bilder! Er spesielt begeistret for han med de blå føttene :) Kos dere videre!