onsdag 17. desember 2014

Uneventful day in Medellín

Today we've had a nice and quiet day here in Medellín. We were supposed to go downtown this evening, but Juan Diego wasn't able to come and pick us up due to the Pico y Placa system they have here: The numbers on your number plate decide what days you are allowed to drive the streets of the city during rush hours. Instead we are relaxing at the hotel after having done some shopping, the boys are playing Kabong, a crazy card game too complicated for grownups (or maybe I should speak only for myself, now Tori just joined them). A little later we are going out to eat, at a restaurant where they show the play off final of the Colombian football series. Unfortunalely "our team" Nacional is not playing.
The authorities here are doing other smart things to reduce road traffic as well: Every Sunday two of the main roads passing through are closed to the cars and opened up for pedestrians and bicyclists:

In addition Medellín has a great metrosystem, much envied by the capital Bogotá. The trains are modern, perfectly clean and whith no sign of tagging, unlike our metro in Oslo. Partly because there is a uniformed policeman on every metrostation:

The whole city (i.e. the tiny bit that we've had the opportunity to see, mostly in the affluent parts) is impressively clean, and people are extremely forthcoming. Today a lady left her job in a shop to come out and give us directions as she correctly observed that we were lost. In English of course, since it is obvious that we are gringos. No normal person walks around town in shorts in 25 degrees.
Finally one exception to the rule of cleanliness:

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