søndag 7. desember 2014

No Christmassproduced letter this year, here is why

In a few days, on Friday December 12th. we leave for Granddad Marcel and Ljudmila in Hoorn, Netherlands. The next day we continue to Panamá City with KLM. And what on earth are you doing there you might ask? Nothing really, except catching another flight, this time to Medellín in Colombia. There we are going to meet the families that Tellef lived with when he was a Rotary exchange student there from August 2013 until July this year. Those who are interested should take a look at his blog: http://www.utvekslingicolombia.blogspot.no
We are very excited to finally meet the families that took very great care of him, and extremely glad that they are all coming to a dinner we have organiced in gratitude to them on Sunday 14th. The following days we will get to know Medellín, maybe the city in the world that has undergone the most positive transformation ever. The pictures are from our hotel in Medellín, Portales del Campestre.

On Friday 19th. we fly to Quito in Ecuador, where we will be reunited with Pamela, the wonderful "bonus daughter" that Rotary brought us in exchange for Tellef last autumn. We are looking forward to getting to know all her family and the beautiful city of Quito with surroundings. Celebrating Christmas in a different culture will be very interesting.
December 28th. a dream will come true for me. I am a great fan of Charles Darwin, so going to the Galapagos islands is a great venture for me. I haven't quite managed to raise tha same enthusiasm in the rest of the family yet, but they are looking forward to it they too. Aslak is crazy about snorkelling, hopefully he will be able to practise it there. Pamela and her family are coming with us, it is her first trip to the islands too, we are very glad that we can make this journey together, and grateful for all the work Susana, Pamela's mother, has laid down planning the trip. We'll keep you up to date!
January 1st back to Quito, and Saturday January 3rd we head back home to Oslo and Lillehammer.
All the best wishes for Christmas and the new year from all of Circus Seierstad-Oosterling!

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